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Last Rated: January 12, 2020
“Handy” Tricks to Enlarge Your Corpora Cavernosa

“Handy” Tricks to Enlarge Your Corpora Cavernosa

Have you ever heard of the corpora cavernosa? It is made up of two tubes that run along the entire shaft of your penis. A larger corpora cavernosa means that you have a larger, stronger, more erect penis – the stuff sexual happiness is made of. It expands to accommodate the blood rushing into it every time you become sexually aroused. It stretches like a balloon, and makes your manhood extend and stay erect and rigid. More blood going into the area means larger, harder erections that many men today would love to achieve.

Here are some male enlargement tips: how to enlarge your corpora cavernosa for that desired difference in your size and performance:

  1. Jelqing – This ancient Arabic technique is used for corpora cavernosa enlargement. To do it, you make an OK sign with your fingers, and then perform a milking motion from the base of your penis to the beginning of its head. The motions that occur will let more blood into and expand your corpora cavernosa, helping enlarge your penis.
  2. Kegels – These exercises, named after a Dr. Arnold Kegel, work your PC muscles, the set of muscles that extend from your public bone to your tail bone. This muscle is responsible to maintain blood flow to your genitals and keep the blood in. Identify your PC muscle by stopping urine in midstream, because the muscle used there is the same as in Kegels. Strengthen the muscle – clench and release it for counts for three to four sets regularly.
  3. Use of adult rings – Have you heard of penis rings and what they can do for your manhood? Usually worn for cosmetic purposes, they can also be used to help keep more blood within the penis. They do so by helping the tunica, a sheath that covers the corpora cavernosa. Your penis ring will limit the capacity of the tunica to take blood away from where it should be. To use one, you insert your penis through the ring, and forcefully contract your PC muscle to draw blood into your penis. Trap more blood in the corpora cavernosa with this ring in place to help you achieve a fuller erection.

More than working on the size of your erections, you should pay attention to their quality and strength. Other important aspects are your sexual stamina (fighting premature ejaculation), libido or sex drive, and overall energy and performance. Seek supplementation or talk to your doctor for other effective ways for sexual enhancement.


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