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Last Rated: January 12, 2020
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Activator RX Reviews
Activator RX

Official Site:

Last Updated: Saturday January 18, 2020

Product description: Maximum strength and estimated to work in about 25 minutes… These are some of the claims of Activator RX, which is created by Activator RX Nutraceuticals and is promoted as a revolutionary sexual supplement that works naturally and from the very first time you use it. It is said proven effective “for men of all ages and can produce harder, firmer, longer lasting erections than any natural pill in the world.” It also positively impacts libido and sexual stamina, among many others.

Ingredients: L-arginine, Butea superba (tubers), Cordyceps sinensis (fruit), Dong Cong Xia Caoor (fruit), Epimedium sagittatatum (leaves), xanthoparmelia, Scabrosa extract (lichen) – (natural form of Pyrazolo pyrimidinone) induces smooth muscle relaxation allowing for maximum arterial dilation and increased blood flow, Tribulus terrestris Extract (root), Cnidium extract (fruit) – (natural form of 4-Methylpiperazine) naturally increases nitric oxide release which powerfully increases the production of cGMP and inhibits PDE-5 allowing erections to be sustained for longer periods of time, red Korean ginseng (root)

Features and Benefits:

Activator RX claims that its success lies in its formulation (verified by science), the use of cutting-edge technology, and using the highest level of “active” elements of the compounds in the formula. The tablets are said to be formulated to address these three crucial areas that affect the erections of men:

  • Insufficient blood flow
  • Lack of nitric oxide
  • Neurological factors

Activator RX addresses these three key components of the erection process through its extracts and compounds, which the manufacturer lays exclusive rights on the highest grade ones. Men of all ages are estimated to benefit from the “safe, effective, and pleasurable experience Activator RX delivers.”


  • Addresses the physiological and psychological factors behind erectile dysfunction
  • Relatively affordable price that fares better than most other competing brands
  • Good website functionality


  • Lacks hard, clinical data on safety and efficacy
  • Limited list of herbal extracts and nutrients that may cast doubt on effectiveness
  • Lacks customer service information on the site

Conclusion: Activator RX participates quite competently in the wild and wonderful trade of male enhancement with its charming benefits, such as better blood flow, nitric oxide production, and addressing neurological factors behind ED head-on. However, we would be more excited to see a more formidable list of ingredients and nutrient components for far more credible efficacy rate. The presence of clinical studies will also strengthen the supplement’s efficacy claims and cement its position on the market as a reliable option.

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