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Last Rated: January 12, 2020
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Androgel Reviews

Official Site:

Last Updated: Saturday January 18, 2020

Product description: Androgel is a testosterone gel that comes in two strengths: 1% and 1.62%, which is concentrated. It is prescription-based and is a controlled substance (CIIII) that serves as a daily testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). It is a clear, odorless, and concentrated quick-drying gel that is available in metered-dose pump or packets.

In a clinical study involving 274 males with low testosterone levels, 82 percent of Androgen users (used once daily for 16 weeks) returned their testosterone levels to normal. This is compared to 37 percent who used placebo. On the other hand, there are safety warnings in using Androgel, including not being recommended for skin contact with women (especially pregnant females) and children, who may experience early puberty as a result. Androgel 1.62% can also cause serious side effects, including worsening symptoms of an enlarged prostate and potentially increased risk of prostate cancer.

Ingredients: Testosterone in 1% and 1.62% strengths, with varying dosing and application recommendations compared to other topical testosterone products available today.

Features and Benefits:

According to the website’s Medication Guide, Androgel 1% and 1.62% are controlled substances available by prescription, used to treat males who have low or no testosterone. This primary male hormone governs so many male characteristics and functions, including libido, hair growth, muscle mass development, deepening of voice, and many more.


  • Offers comprehensive information on proper dosing, application, risks, and safety warnings
  • Serves as an effective choice for men who badly need to introduce testosterone to their body due to severe deficiency


  • Documented risks and dangers from hormone therapies, including synthetic ones
  • Available only through prescription and with physician’s close monitoring

Conclusion: Using Androgel is a classic case of this: do the benefits outweigh the risks? We are not about to give our answer, as there are men out there who are in dire need of testosterone boost to save their health and overall function. We are not about to judge them on the healthcare choices they make, as products like Androgel – with proper doctor’s guidance and prescription – can be a lifesaving option for them. But if you are eyeing the use of this testosterone product for the sake of male enhancement (and the benefits that come with it), it is only fitting to make a smart, educated decision and to evaluate the potential risks to your health. If you are uncertain if it is the right route to take, you can also try herbal supplementation to get erection, stamina, libido, and performance benefits the natural way.

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