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Last Rated: January 12, 2020
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Dapovar Reviews
Last Updated: Saturday January 18, 2020

Product description: Dapovar is a male sexual enhancement pill that mainly boasts of its main component 5-hydroxytryptamine. It has been highlighted in a human clinical study on premature ejaculation to contain this natural compound combination for a dramatic rise in men’s ability to delay their raging ejaculations. Another main benefit is increasing overall sexual pleasure. 5-hydroxytryptamine was developed and first sold in Holland and afterwards approved for sale in the United States, carrying the trade name Dapovar.

Ingredients: Graffonia seed extract (5-hydroxytryptamine), folic acid, passion flower, kava kava, and vitamin B6

Features and Benefits:

Dapovar boasts of a unique molecular profile for safely manipulating SSRI receptors in the brain. This helps make climax control more efficient and substantially possible in 94 percent of users. Its main natural compound also recorded a 317 percent rise in sexual pleasure among its male participants. It is promoted for use by men of all ages, said to increase the length of their sexual pleasure without the use of drugs or chemical compounds, as well as ejaculation creams that hardly make a dent.


  • Comprehensive website information, from product presentation to customer service
  • Human clinical study was undertaken to show benefits and pertinent results
  • Natural, non-drug formulation
  • Promoted safe for intake even alongside Viagra and other erection drugs


  • 5-hydroxytryptamine may be effective, but further studies have to be done to establish safety
  • Two-capsule-per-day recommended dosage is not so cost-effective

Conclusion: Dapovar has all the makings of a credible, trustworthy male enhancement solution: it has mainly natural components (including a much-hyped natural compound for ejaculations), and it offers a human clinical study that has good results. But we would rather it offer a whole range of benefits instead of too much focus on climax control, and we are looking for a better recommended dose. At any rate, it could be one handy option for men who have had great difficulty in their struggle with premature ejaculation, although not necessarily with erectile quality and strength.

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