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Last Rated: January 12, 2020
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Libido Boost Plus Reviews
Libido Boost Plus
Last Updated: Saturday January 18, 2020

Product description: Libido Boost Plus is a male enhancement product that promotes itself as an “affordable, powerful, and 100% natural way to ignite your sex life.” According to its manufacturer, it is built from years of expansive research. The product is positioned as the answer to boosting sexual stamina, increasing erection size, and maintaining sexual potency. The main offering of Libido Boost Plus, of course, is stimulating sexual desire, with traditional herbal components for favorable results.

Ingredients: Vitamin B6, Tribulus terrestris, oat straw, Eurycoma longifolia, arginine HCL, epimedium, catuaba bark (partial list of ingredients)

Features and Benefits:

Libido Boost Plus has an array of functions apart from acting as an aphrodisiac supplement. It also strives to help improve production of overall muscle tissue, inducing testosterone effects in the body (improving your levels of the hormone in the body), and also stimulating the central nervous system (CNS).


  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Combines traditionally tested herbal extracts for enhancing libido


  • May not be the best all-in-one sexual enhancement package
  • Lacks product ordering and shipping information
  • Does not reveal full ingredient list and clinical data

Conclusion: Libido Boost Plus works smart and satisfactorily for helping power up your libido or sexual desire, which not all male enhancement supplements readily do. But all things considered (including the results of our weeks-long product trial), we arrive at the conclusion it may not be the overall male sexual enhancer you are looking for, as it provided less-than-stellar results in areas such as erectile size and strength, endurance, and orgasm intensity, to name a few. But we appreciate the fact that it provides one of the most competitive money back guarantee offers out there, as well as boasts of traditional herbal extracts that are not to be ignored in sexual enhancement. To improve, it needs to disclose all important information (full ingredient list, product ordering and delivery FAQs) and expand on the science behind its formulation.

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