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Last Rated: January 12, 2020
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Libido Max Reviews
Libido Max
Last Updated: Saturday January 18, 2020

Product description: Let’s talk about Libido Max, which is another male enhancement solution. This supplement says that it can cause three stages of improvement, namely the following: (1) sexual drive and desire, (2) blood flow to the penis, and (3) stamina and performance. It highlights a scientific study on L-arginine, one of its key ingredients, in dilating blood vessels and assisting in increased penile blood flow. For daily maintenance, take one to four liquid Libido Max soft gels in divided doses. If you want a faster response, take up to four soft gels prior to lovemaking.

Ingredients: Stamina and extending blend (Maca, ashwagandha, DMG, CDP-choline), libido boosting blend (Epimedium, Tribulus terrestris, yohimbe, L-tyrosine), Power Max blend (L-arginine, NADH), Bioperine complex (Ginger, long pepper, Bioperine black pepper), soy bean oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water, beeswax, soy lecithin, caramel color, and St. John’s bread

Features and Benefits:

One focus of Libido Max therapy is optimizing the function of your blood vessels, considered a key component of producing and maintaining healthy erections. The product states that its three-stage formula, combined with its targeted nutraceuticals, will support sexual drive and promote enhanced sexual confidence, enjoyment, and overall performance.


  • Wide availability in retail stores, including GNC and Walmart
  • Soft gel formula a feasible alternative for those who cannot take hard capsules
  • Good focus on libido enhancement, which not all ED supplements provide


  • Yohimbe content
  • Too many soft gels for recommended daily intake
  • Lacks scientific data backing on the website

Conclusion: Libido Max can be a heaven sent for those who are looking to spice up their lovemaking and improve their sexual appetite, which can be hindered by many everyday factors. It meets our expectation in this area. It also combines this libido benefit with improvement of blood flow for erectile health and strength. But it’s important to consider the gaps and deficiencies as well, particularly the wasteful 4 soft gel daily dose and the inclusion of the controversial yohimbe in the mix. While decent in its claims and performance, Libido Max has quite a road ahead of it in becoming number one in the sexual enhancement field.

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