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Last Rated: January 12, 2020
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Mandelay Reviews
Last Updated: Saturday January 18, 2020

Product description: This product is dubbed a maximum-strength climax control gel available in pharmacies and in online retail sites, such as in CVS and Walmart. Its active ingredient is Benzocaine, a widely utilized anesthetic and also found in most other topical pain relievers and cough drops. This FDA-approved OTC medication numbs nerve endings on contact with skin. According to instructions, apply a small amount of Mandelay to the head and shaft of your penis prior to sexual intercourse. Your penis then becomes less sensitive on contact, and also better withstands more stimulation. The product is promoted safe even when used in conjunction with latex or condoms.

Ingredients: The active component of Mandelay is Benzocaine, a male genital desensitizer that helps extend sexual pleasure. Other ingredients of the product are PES-8, Polyglycerylmethacryalte, and propylene glycol.

Features and Benefits:
Premature ejaculation is a prevalent problem among men worldwide today, and among the most heavily promoted products against it are topical creams and lotions, which numb sensations and prevent early ejaculation upon contact with skin. The results are instant and the longevity depends on the product.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Convenient in cream form for travel or as easy fix
  • Topical nature vs. more “committed” ingested form


  • Safety concerns – should never be ingested, touch eyes, or continued when there are signs of rashes
  • Can rub off vagina surface and reduce sensations in partner, too
  • Temporary solution that does not get to the core of premature ejaculation

Conclusion: There is hardly any doubt that there is a great level of convenience when using premature ejaculation creams like Mandelay. It is quite accessible, affordable, and easy to carry around for those emergencies in bed. But take note that it is a temporary fix that does not get to the bottom of why rapid ejaculation happens. In addition, it may spoil the lovemaking once it comes into contact with your partner’s vagina. That, we think, is big enough trouble. Herbal supplementation is still tops for us when it comes to improving erections and stamina in the lovemaking.

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