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Last Rated: January 12, 2020
What Causes ED in Men

Around 52% men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, according to Massachusetts Male Aging Study. At the age of 40, about 40 percent men fight with the condition and by 70 years old about 70 percent of men suffer from ED. A man’s capability to obtain and maintain an erection is frequently associated with virility and maleness. The incapability to do so can greatly affect men’s self esteem. To avoid falling prey to erectile dysfunction, it is important to know what causes ED in men. If you already in such a condition, there a number of effective and safe ways to overcome it. At Male Enhancement MD, we provide ample information on the causes and treatment methods of ED.

What Causes ED in Men: Physical Causes of ED

There are broadly two kinds of causes due to which ED occurs in men. These are the Physiological and physical causes of erectile dysfunction. The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) reports that around 85 percent of ED cases are physically based, leaving the 15 percent which happen due to physiological reasons. The various physical causes of ED are as follows:

Cardiac Issues: Several related cardiac conditions are general causes of ED, including:

  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis)
  • heart disease

In fact, men with ED are at a high risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Close to 50% of all the men suffering from ED has high blood pressure too. There are several sexual performance enhancement pills which could help in improvising your condition by the affect of natural ingredients in them. Find such products on Male Enhancement MD.

Diabetes: It is a major cause of ED in men. The effects of diabetes include blood vessel and nerve damage. When the arteries, veins or nerves of the penis are affected, erectile dysfunction can be the consequence. Diabetes is also linked with heart diseases and acute kidney diseases, which are other risk factors for ED.

Endocrinologic and Hormonal Conditions: Production of low amount of the male hormone testosterone can be a causative factor of erectile dysfunction in men who have other risk issues. Irregularities of the pituitary gland that form the basis of high levels of the hormone prolactin are also linked with erectile dysfunction.

Physical Trauma and Injury: Spinal cord wound and pelvic strain like a pelvic fracture can be the origin of nerve damage that could eventually cause ED. Other conditions that can harm the spine and lay the foundation erectile dysfunction are inclusive of spinal cord tumors, spina bifida along with a past record of polio.

What Causes ED in Men: Psychological Causes

If you want to know “what causes ED in men,” you should know that some mental or psychological reasons can also aid to the occurrence of  ED. Depression, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, and poor communication all may hinder sexual feelings and could  be the reason of occurrence or exacerbate erection problems. Erectile dysfunction may occur due to any reason, but it could be a cause of embarrassment for you. Thus finding the right kind of treatment which is effective and provide quick results is essential. At Male Enhancement MD, we not only provide review of sexual products, we also sell these products at bargain rates.


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